Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A week in my world.Photography by Steve Childs

Last week was spent in Cornwall at Nookie HQ, catching up with the company and doing some promotional work. Nookie Xtreme Sports Equipment are my principal sponsor and manufactures of hardcore watersports clothing.
Monday was spent in the office, planning for the week ahead and shooting some video of our cool new Nookie logo stencils and how to use them. I bet that i can't stencil a cow, so watch this space for the upcoming guide on how to stencil a cow!
Tuesday was surfing day, we spent the day at beach testing new Ti System vests and spraydecks, the new Valley Sneaker surf kayak and shooting some promotional pictures of the kayak in action. The surf was perfect for kayaking and the sun shone brightly the whole day. Tuesday evening the storm clouds grew and we were treated to an astonishing thunder storm, as the rain fell from the sky everybody knew tomorrow would be a good day for the Dart.
Wednesday was river day, and a visit to the River Dart Country Park for some kayaking action on the Dart and to shoot video for the new advertorials Nookie are pioneering. We also had the opportunity to test new throw bags, Xtreme 2 cags and chest harnesses on the River Monster buoyancy aid. The throw bags are as good as ever and the chest harnesses still work, the Xtreme 2 cag was the surprise of the day, it performed much better than expected, with the zip up waist and neck system excelling themselves.
Thursday was back to the office to consolidate the previous 2 days playing(sorry I mean working!), downloading and editing pictures and video, drying kit and planning for Friday. We drank a lot of cups of tea and scribbled lots of ideas in the hope of bringing together a plan to beat all plans and thus having the best Friday ever!
Photography by Steve Childs
Friday 13th, unlucky for some but not us. An early start for a high protein breakfast of left over Chinese and bacon! A peculiar combination but one that should not be dismissed without trying. We had all arranged to meet at Rock on the North shore to pick up the Ribs, by 11 we had loaded all the toys; kayaks, surf boards, wake boards an a slalom ski into one boat with a photographer and a videographer and the other quicker Rib just with a photographer and a videographer. The early morning mist was burnt off leaving blue sky and warm sun.
Photography by Steve Childs

Work should be enjoyable and Friday was one of the best money making days i have ever had, we zoomed around , jumped out of the boats at speed, surfed kayaks behind the boats in the wake and wake boarded and slalom skied to our hearts content. These Ribs, from Explorer Marine, are lightweight and high powered, so much so that even with the small swell we could launch the boats completely airbourne, this is seriously fun and i recommend everybody to beg, borrow or steal a boat and go jump waves. A visit to Padstow is a must for award winning Choughs pasties, yum yum yum. As the sun went down we returned to shore and packed up the vans to mission across Cornwall to spend Friday night in The Tamar Inn in Calstock, this place rocks and Friday 13th was always destined to be big.Photography by Steve Childs

There goes a week in the world of James a non stop assault of fun and work in sun drenched Cornwall. Upcoming projects include a month in Uganda on the White Nile, Lilli and I are flying out on November 1st and in between now and then a trip to Scotland for some steep creeking action, life never stops.
Boat hard and stay safe,


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