Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Thirty five out of Fifty

Photo by Flo

That's how many days I have spent canoeing since I last blogged, lucky me! After my disappointing performance at the Freestyle Worlds this year I was pleasantly surprised to receive this video of me doing something at Thun.

Filmed and edited by Chris Nobel

I enjoy being a photographer but every so often I get pissed off that I have so many nice photos of other people and very few of myself. Thankfully I have some good friends who also know their way around shutter speeds, apertures and ISOs.

Photographer: Beni, Location: Soca and Koritnica.

The Spark is one of the greatest canoes ever designed, the Soca is one of the nicest rivers in the World, a superb combo!

Photographer: Ralph, Location: Grand Canyon

The SpanishFly is my all time favourite whitewater canoe; rodeo, creeking and multiday all in the same boat, sweet! Next Spring the 'Fly will be 10years old, bring on 'FlyFest.

Photographer: Flo, Location: Vorderrhein

Last weekend it took the new Raven for a spin , for a fat boat it turns and accelerates very quickly and is very dry. If the Spark is too much of a canoe for you, try a Raven it is a friendly Spark!

Photo by Me

I will write a report on the Grand with some tips, tricks and advice for prospective GC canoeists when I get some more photos to show off!

Paddle safe

James x


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