Saturday, November 25, 2006

The White Nile Uganda

Me and my AK
I have just returned from 3 weeks shreddin' and partyin' on Uganda's White Nile, it rox. This has got to be one of the most fun places to go boating on the planet. The Nile is a big volume playboat river graded by the raft companies between 3 and 6, in reality there is a lot of flat water in between the rapids but for sure there is some world class rapids and amazing waves to be sessioned.
Anton from Sweden on Nile Special

We flew in to Entebbe airport with SN Brussels, a kayak friendly airline, and where picked up by Robert courtesy of Kayak the Nile and shuttled hassle free to Nile River Explorers in Bujagali.
Lilli and the limbo pole

Arriving at 0200 the party was in full swing so to the bar it was. The first day was spent getting in the Ugandan groove, boda boda riding into Jinja to change up $’s to Ugandan Shillings, 100$ gets you nearly 200grand, I was rich!!!
Class 5 white water at Bujagali Falls
Boda Boda shuttle style

After lunch was time to hit the river and an introduction to the river with a SilverBack/Ugly Sisters run. Starting at the NRE campsite you are straight into action on the Hump and Bujagali Falls, both straight forward class 4/5 rapids, followed by 50 50 an easy class 3 and then Total Gunga, Lugandan for “totally crazy” a long class 5 rapid with several lines, a few cool waves and a massive hole known as the G Spot. After Gunga the river calms a bit a splits left and right to Ugly Sisters surf wave or Silverback wave train, both big fun depending on what you fancy.
Sunset in the bar at NRE

Then it’s back to NRE on the back of a boda with your kayak to food and party ‘til the small hours. Then repeat until you are bored of Ugly Sisters wave, noisy parties and the Bujagali Chapati Company and the Green Light, the 2 best places to eat.

The other accomadation option on the Nile is The Hairy Lemon, probably the best place in the world!!
Upstream from the Hairy Lemon

Situated on its own private island in the Nile, 10 minutes paddle from Nile Special, probably the best wave in the world. The Lemon is an all inclusive island, except beer, and fresh local meals and cooked 3 times a day, the rest if the time can be spent surfing on the waves at Nile Special and running the day 2 section of the river, slightly easier than the upper section but just as worth while.
Club wave

"Give me my kayak!" the local kids love to carry your kayak for you, then comes "Give me my money!" nothing comes for free in this world.

A typical day at the Lemon is get up drink tea, eat breakfast then out to surf Club wave, the third wave behind Nile Special which works better in the morning when the river is lower. Surf for a few hours then return to the Lemon for lunch, followed by some sunbathing or reading or a trip on the day 2 section of the Nile, finishing at Nile Special for some before dinner surfing.
Loading up after a Superhole session

After dinner its time to kick back and relax in the chill out lounge, look over the days photographs and video footage and plan for the next day.

Kalagala Falls at the put in for day 2 section

So now I am back in England until Christmas, next weekend is the Hurley Classic freestyle event so next week I will be busy organising and setting up with event organisors Kayakojacko and hopefully squeezing in some last minute practice. Directly after I am back working for Nookie in Cornwall.
Stay safe kids and see you at Hurley


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