Friday, July 11, 2008

News from Planet James

It seems ages since I last blogged, and it was, but here I am with some news. A few months ago I was interviewed by Tom Laws for an article in Canoe Kayak UK magasine, and this month here I am, well my photographs and a few wise words, plastered across three pages!

The summer is flying by at lightspeed, paddling at every opportunity, working at KanuschuleVersam and working on my book, Canoe Culture to be published by Pesda Press.

I have just returned from Lofer where I hooked up with a few friends to paddle the Teufelsschlucht in inflatables! This action was met with scorn and critisism by several local kayakers and they saw fit to share their opinion with us. They learnt a valuable lesson that day, just because you find it hard in a kayak doesn't make it automatically impossible with a canoe! All photographs by Jurgen Pfannhauser, veilen dank, voll geiler bilder.

Inflatable canoeing has rocketed up in my list of fun things to do. Big shout out to Jon, Marco, Dave, Flo, Armin, Micheal and Jurgen my partners in crime for extreme white water inflatable canoeing.

Stay safe world and remember, if a kayaker says you can't do it, ignore them!


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