Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is Canoeing

Justine Curgenven sent me a copy of her latest DVD "This is Canoeing". To say thank you and hopefully encourage a few more people to buy her DVD I have decided to write my first DVD review blog.

This is Canoeing is a collection of 12 short films, each one capturing a different element of the sport of open canoeing. Open canoeing is such a diverse sport it is sometimes impossible to comprehend; Justine exposes everything from white water slalom in America to Voyageur canoeing across Scotland. I liked all 12 films but there are a few that really impressed me; my favourite film is Dougie down the Pet, it is so nice to watch and when I am Dad I want to be a Dad like Scott. I was surprised to be so drawn in by the birchbark man and his adventures, I could so see me and my dog cruising around in a hand made canoe for the summer. I enjoyed meeting Hailey Thompson, for such a young person she has achieved a great deal and has a very cool attitude to boot, she is a great advert for the sport of canoeing. I really enjoyed watching a few of my old friends racing canoe slalom in Wausau, Eli, we have to hook up and go boating again together buddy. I also really enjoyed meeting Becky Mason, she made me laugh and she made me proud to be a canoeist.

There are a of course a few things I didn't like but I can honestly say that if I lost my copy of This is Canoeing I would go straight to and order another one. Well done Justine you have done a superb job of promoting my favourite thing in the whole wide world, that was canoeing as I know it.

Paddle safe and see you at the CBoats Armada,


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