Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back again with some news on my world

photograph by Jason Smith

Hello world, I was just mailed by Google to say I have been neglecting my blog so here I am to rant on about what has been going on in my life in the last month or so. The snow in the Alps didn't really ever get here so I headed back to monkey island to hang out on the Thames weirs, catch up with some friends and earn a few dollars.
Our house in Versam
Lilli and I are moving to Switzerland, we have a little house in Versam. Moving house/countries has taken up a lot of my time and I haven’t even gone yet, there are so many Swiss formalities to work through.
The river Thames, I doubt if a nicer office exists

In the mean time I have been coaching open boating for Kayakojacko, the most recent highlight being a superb day’s paddle down the Thames from Wallingford to Pangbourne.

Fruit juice for breakfast, 2 kiwis, 2apples, 2pears and a grapefruit!
I have recently started using the services of a nutritionist, Nikki Ball, I don't think I eat badly at all but one should always be looking to improve, I now have special foods I can eat to make me super powered!

I have also spent much time writing and researching for my forthcoming book on open canoeing, it is a never-ending mission but has kept me busy for days on end and I am learning more and more about the sport, more news on this project to follow.

Of course I have been out and about with my camera recording much craziness about the place, with photographs making their way into Canoe Kayak UK, Playboating UK, Kayak Session and The Henley Standard(an English newspaper) in the last month.

King of the wave at Marsh

Hurley on a solid 4gater
Upcoming adventures within the next 30days include the Ordnance Survey Outdoor Show, a company day out with KJO to Wales open boating next week, a weekend canoe camping with friends on the upper Thames, an intro to white water open boating course in North Wales, a multi day canoe camping trip down the Wye in Wales, 2 magazine deadlines, freestyle training every free day on the Thames weirs and moving house!!
Boat hard, love life and stay safe,


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