Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Safiental - Ruinautal Book

It is nice to be surprised and even better when it turns out to be a supersurprise! Two weeks ago a book arrived in my letterbox, it was a Terra Grischuna guide to Safiental and the Ruinautal. Two photos of mine had been used in the book to illustrate the watersports section of the guide, here is a sneek preview.

Lilli downstream of the Crumwag on the lower section of the Vorderrhein

Yvonne and Ciccio finishing the SchwarzesLoch rapid on the upper section of the Vorderrhein

Many thanks to Maria Hunger-Fry for supplying the PDF's and Toro for sorting it all out.

Stay tuned for news from the freestyle canoing World Cup series.


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