Thursday, June 10, 2010

The European CBoats Armada '10

Wave wheeling on the Imster

5minutes of sun at the camp

I like going canoeing, talking about canoeing and everything that surrounds the sport of canoeing. The CBoats Armada is an annual meeting where lots of people meet up and do just what they like, go canoeing, talk about canoeing etc. This year we met in Imst, Tirol, just west of the Arctic circle! About 30 paddlers braved the near freezing temperatures for 4days of open canoeing and camp culture.

Off to the river

Cheers to a fine chilli, the Armada and next year!

Holger charging the line

Sabrina and a bottle of Oldy Brau!

Martin, canoeist in the day...

...and guitarist in the evening.

Flo and Marina stylin' Pians on the Sanna

Many thanks to everybody who turned up and got involved, to the companies that supported the event; Canadian Trading, Kober and Kanuschule Versam and to Martina for cooking an awesome chilli and Sabrina for organising all the stuff I didn't.

Real winter on the way home in Engadin, hooray for 4WD!

Next year I think we will go to WildAlpen, where there is white water of all grades to satisfy all paddlers, we have also booked warm sunshine, see you there.
Paddle safe,


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