Monday, April 30, 2007

Life in the Mountains

I am currently regretting not trying out for the British freestyle team and thus not being in Canada at the moment for the worlds on Bussy, I think I would have had a really good time, check here for crazy open boating action on Buseater. I was sure that I wanted a break from international competition and that now was the time to do it, however for the first time in 10years I am not at the worlds and I am missing it, it seems strange to think of a worlds going on without me. I am missing the buzz and the excitement that only comes with the world championships and most of all missing the chance to catch up and hang out with old friends and make some new ones; I will be for sure be back and all fired up for Thun in 2009.
Here are some photographs of the past few worlds, only going back as far a digital photography does!
Photograph by Sarah Bell

Photograph by Sarah Bell

Aside from that I have started work at Kanu Schule Versam, where I am teaching open canoeing and raft guiding, so if you fancy a few days open boating on the beautiful Vorderrheine contact the kanu schule and book yourself onto a course.

Here’s me in the new Robson brochure hucking off the first fall in the Rissbach during last years Alpine Kajak Club meet. For the rest of the Robson brochure click here, it is full of cool kanuing hardware and lots more quality paddling shots of Team Robson from last season going hard on planet earth.

It has not been all work, Toro and I managed to get over to Bremgarten last week when the wave was running at a pretty good level, we shared the eddy with a few board surfers and ripped and shredded until the sun went down, sweet. I have also been checking out the local creeks, there loads of them hiding away, more on that to come.
That’s me for now so stay safe and boat hard, James signing out.