Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Star date August 1st 2007, the world according to James.

Everything's OK, photo by Bill Mattos

It seems that my enthusiasm for blogging is wavering, maybe Facebook is taking over? Still since the last time I updated I have been up to all kinds of things; canoeing for both work and pleasure, shooting photos for various projects including a front cover shot for this months Canoe Kayak UK magazine, writing words for my book and for CKUK and doing a lot of testing of next years white water collect from Nookie. Rather than bore the world with words I though I would load up a load a photos as they paint a thousand words. Also of note is the upcoming Thun Riverjam, I have been asked to be the head judge again this year and am presently putting the final touches to the scoring system with event organiser Simon Hirter.

Rafting in the Schwarze Loch, photo by Steffi Blochwitz

Rafting in the Schwarze Loch, photo by Steffi Blochwitz

German Ladies Rafting team, photo by me

Testing chest harness release system, photo by Bill Mattos

Kayaking for fun on the Glenner, photo by Sanne

Checking out the Medelsbach for an upcoming first descent by kanu, photo by Lilli

First test of the top secret Zoot Suit, photo by Bill Mattos

Another front cover photograph by me, featuring Lilli in the beautiful Vorderrhein canyon

That's me done for now; boat hard, stay safe and see you somewhere nice,