Monday, March 31, 2008

Carving 'n' Creeking Combo

Saturday worked out very well in my world, here are a few images of the days adventures.

Toys in the bus

Of course we didn't ride past the sign

Always time for a quick snowball fight

Toro catching some air in the backcountry

30minutes driving to the next adventure

Lunch at the take out

Off down the river

Rock sliding

Big boof on the home run

Awesome 'boarding and boating both in the same day, Graub√ľnden is a great place to live.
Play hard, stay safe

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hurley Feb '08

I took the opportunity to go for a surf at Hurley the last time I visited monkey island, it was a well planned event as I met up with GB team OC1 paddlers Chris Nobel and Paul King. Here are a few photos from Paul's dad.

The legendary middle gate at Hurley
Hanging out in the eddy with UK Esquif importer Aaron Dempsey from Squarerock

Hanging in the eddy with GB team paddler Paul King

So world stay safe and see you somewhere nice

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Riverjabber in Canoe&KayakUK March 2008
Besides being interviewed for Britain's best selling paddlesport magazine I have been writing words for my book Canoe Culture which will be published by Pesda Press in 12months time. The writing is going well and I am very much looking forwards to starting the photography.
Peace out