Wednesday, May 21, 2008

StraightDownStriit and Nookie Photo Contest

photo by Daniel Bally

Several months ago I was asked by the organisers of the StraightDownStriit if Nookie would be interested in sponsoring the event. This was the first event I have been involved with sponsorship wise, a led me down a whole new path of thinking which ended up in a familiar place, maximum media coverage.
Whether you sponsor a person, team or event the goals are similar, raise the profile of the brand to those who know it, introduce the brand in the best light to those who don't and get as many logos strategically placed as possible. I was faced with a challenging task the main sponsor of the event was VW and second sponsor Teva, both considerably bigger brands than Nookie, I was gonna have to work hard to keep up, for the first time in a while I felt like a small fish in the by Daniel Bally

The outcome was superb, the Nookie Photo Contest received plenty of entries, including several professional photographers, loads of people are now sporting cool Nookie keyrings and by the end of the party most of the people were covered in Nookie stickers, result!

The winner from the lifestyle category of the Nookie Photo Contest by Eva Gruenwald

My favourite and runner up from the creek category of the Nookie Photo Contest by da Zarnbrodas

I have learnt the importance having lots of banners instead of cleverly trying to position a few, the importance having friends to help you out when you are struggling to make sense out of things and most of all to always give 100% from getting up early in the morning 'til you can't stand up any more!

photo by Daniel Bally

Big shout out goes to the StraightDown Crew, a good bouncy band and a raw beatboxchampion
Stay safe
Anybody coming to the Bregenzer Ache Festival tomorrow?