Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rafting '08

We are very lucky to have a superb photo crew on the Vorderrhein,
Steffi and her paparazzi girls spend the summer busily capturing all the best moments for our rafting guests, at the end of the summer we also get a CD with photos on, here are a few of my favourites, thanks Steffi.

Work rocks! Stay safe world

Friday, October 10, 2008

An adventure on the Ticino

Sunrise on the river

It is not always necessary to jump on a plane to find adventure, sometimes you can find it on your doorstep. The Ticino national park in Lombardia Italy is only 3hours drive from my house and is drop dead gorgeous. Flowing out of Lago Maggiore and winding its way towards Pavia where it merges into the river Po, the Ticino is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable short canoe tours I have had the pleasure of paddling.

Ready for the off

We put on just below the second weir near Somma Lombardo to avoid any portaging and cruised about 30km to an island for our first nights camp. Camping is forbidden in the National Park so don't leave any sign of your being there and don't get caught! Most of the islands are formed out of pebbles so finding a comfortable place to pitch a tent can be challenge.

Alex and Sanne

The river is mostly flat water although there are a few little rapids and the occasional weir, some of which could be dangerous if run in the wrong place, if in doubt inspect. Exploring the many channels and islands of the Ticino feels at times like a jungle expedition, deep in the middle of somewhere.

Franzi and Lilli

Finding our second camp was a bit trickier, the islands where more pebbly and very close to the water level we finally found a lovely little patch of grass on river right. For our final day we cruised to the Lido at Bereguardo and the famous floating bridge.

Enough waxing lyrical, here is photo story of a day on the Ticino.

Wake up when the sun rises

Eat pancakes for breakfast



Pitch a riverside camp

Make dinner

Camp fire, finish.

Lots of people helped make this a superb 3days; thanks to Lilli, Sanne, Franzi and Alex for great company along the way and thanks to Nookie, Kober, Esquif/Patschifik and Kanuschule Versam for supplying all manner of useful things.

Stay safe

Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Clever Thing

Here is something I have never seen, or done, before, an OC2 hand roll! Quite why anybody would need this skill is beyond me but didn't stop Dave and I from trying and even to our own surprise, succeeding.

Big thanks to Steve for lending us his pool, Craig for shooting photos and to the Dave for flapping his arms wildly with me.
It's cold and snowy here in the mountains so expect more blogs from the summers adventures coming your way soon.
Peace out,