Saturday, June 06, 2009

Life as I know it...

Photo by Rob

Every May white water canoe and C1 paddlers from across Europe meet up for the legendary European C-Boats Armada, last year I somehow ended up saying yes to help organise the event. It was my task to organise test boats from Esquif, test paddles from Kober and cook dinner for everybody; a few telephone calls, a lot of roof rack straps and 5kgs of spaghetti later I was all sorted! Many thanks to Sabrina for organising all the stuff I didn't and to all the paddlers who journeyed from far and wide to join what is fast becoming one of the biggest events in the European canoeing calendar.

Discussing canoes and their outfitting is a key aspect of the Armada, photo by Flo

As is having fun on the river, photo by Sabrina

And drinking Socawasser from a paddle, it is the only way finish a day, photo by Martina

At the Armada I learnt that Esquif have a new importer for mainland Europe, Mark and his team at Waterwalker will as of now be the poeple to talk to if you want an Esquif canoe. I am very much looking forward to working with Mark to promote Esquif canoes.

Photo by Sanne

I had been looking forward to the Nookie Creek Dayz all Spring, I hooked up with other Nookie team riders and we hucked 'til we hurt or in some cases 'til we broke! We crammed a huge amount into a few days touring Graubunden and Tessin, shot a load of cool photos and made a lot of high fives! Thanks to Alex for the plan, Nookie for supporting it and Ron, Hazel, Raph, Rob, Sanne, Tim, Tim, Laura and everybody else we met along the way for making it one of the most enjoyable tours I've ever been on, bring on Creek Dayz '10!

Photo by Sanne

Big props to everybody who has been part of what was an awesome month, and a get well soon to all those who got broken out on manoeuvres!

Boom! I have learnt to shoot fire balls from my hand, when I grow up I wanna be an X man!

Stay safe,