Sunday, June 13, 2010

Still NevaFull

The race course, plenty of opportunity to get water in the boat, photo by Sanne

I have been bragging about this great idea with these holes for a few months, some people think I am crazy, some think I am dumb and some just aren't sure. A lot of people have worried about water coming in and not out and questioned whether it really works at all. So here goes with a bit of SWOT analysis of NevaFull. I also have a plan to make a short film of NevaFull in action so stay tuned.

Look how high the boat is in the water, nearly all the water has drained out, photo by Sanne

The water that splashes into my canoe drains out really quickly, my canoe is never full and I never have to land to dump water.
If your air bag fails, one end of your boat sinks, so carry a spare.
I can now paddle long and technical rapids without having to worry that I can't make the last tricky move because my boat is full of water and heavy.
My friends tease me for having an Emmental cheese canoe!

The water splashes into the boat..., photo by Sabine

...and look, no water in the cockpit and water draining out of the holes, photo by Sanne

The proof of the pudding is in the testing as they say. 2weeks ago I raced in the Straight Down Striit boater cross, it is a kayak race and I was the only canoeist there so I raced against kayakers. The fastest time down the course, 59.6secs, was posted by New Zealands Johann Roozenburg, he is world class slalom kayaker and bloody quick. My fastest time was 78sec, that would be impossible in a canoe full of water, if I can race a bath tub down class5 whiter water only 18seconds slower than New Zealands best slalom kayaker then to my mind NevaFull rocks, I was also not the slowest down the course, some kayakers couldn't keep up with me!

The holes mean whatever I am doing the boat is draining, it is NevaFull!

So off to the river for me, stay safe,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The European CBoats Armada '10

Wave wheeling on the Imster

5minutes of sun at the camp

I like going canoeing, talking about canoeing and everything that surrounds the sport of canoeing. The CBoats Armada is an annual meeting where lots of people meet up and do just what they like, go canoeing, talk about canoeing etc. This year we met in Imst, Tirol, just west of the Arctic circle! About 30 paddlers braved the near freezing temperatures for 4days of open canoeing and camp culture.

Off to the river

Cheers to a fine chilli, the Armada and next year!

Holger charging the line

Sabrina and a bottle of Oldy Brau!

Martin, canoeist in the day...

...and guitarist in the evening.

Flo and Marina stylin' Pians on the Sanna

Many thanks to everybody who turned up and got involved, to the companies that supported the event; Canadian Trading, Kober and Kanuschule Versam and to Martina for cooking an awesome chilli and Sabrina for organising all the stuff I didn't.

Real winter on the way home in Engadin, hooray for 4WD!

Next year I think we will go to WildAlpen, where there is white water of all grades to satisfy all paddlers, we have also booked warm sunshine, see you there.
Paddle safe,