Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New sponsor and a few sweet photos

The closest river to my front door, photo by Michi

I am very excited to announce that Gaia Sports and I have struck up a deal. Gaia make many cool paddling accessories; airbags, drybags, airbags that are also drybags and all other kinds of useful odds and ends. I have recently received my first box of tricks from them and am very much looking forward to helping with the development of products and raising to profile of the company here in Europe.
Packing my See Turtle dry bag, photo by Michi

I am trying out the stow canoe floatation, the see turtle dry bags and the hip pack. All these things will be coming with me to Nepal, so watch this space.
I have also been out and about finishing off the photos for Canoe Culture, here is a sneak preview

High brace canoe stylee, photo by Micha

Bow jam, photo by Micha

Peace, photo Micha
That's me for a month or so, I will try to post some news from Nepal but might be too busy doing to do any telling,
Stay safe